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Our heels are built with award-winning technology for complete comfort and all-day wear. Built-in orthotics, strategic arch incline, dual-layered memory foam, customizable toe box. 

Dr. Najwa Javed


In the U.S. only 12% of patents are awarded to women. Dr. Javed is one of them.

Email Dr. Najwa Javed for assistance in finding the perfect pair of heels.

*Dr. Javed can't give personalized advice, but she'll offer insights to help you make an informed choice.


Luxurious footwear; built with Patented medical orthotics

Every step of the E'MAR process; from the initial dream of our founder Dr Javed to the hand craftsmanship by our artisans in Italy, is done with absolute love & a desire to create the perfect heel, inside and out. 

E'mar Luxurious Footwear - Patented Medical Orthotics
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Elevated Arch Support

For increased ankle stability that relieves pressure on the back and encourages proper posture

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Elongated Toe Box

A elongated and deepended toe box to ease foot crowding for all day style and comfort

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Rebalancing Memory Foam

Multilavered memory foam and padding & patent-pending carbon fiber arch inlay to support the natural arch of the foot

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Unparalleled Craftsmanship

High quality leather ining and sole, handmade by expert artisans in Italy for durability and all day wear

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