Raya The Most Comfortable High Heels For Women | E'MAR
Raya The Most Comfortable High Heels For Women | E'MAR

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Doctor-designed comfort to protect your step

At E'MAR, we believe every woman deserves stylish, comfortable high heels that prioritize your foot health.

Our shoes, designed by foot and ankle surgeon Dr. Najwa Javed, feature patented technology that ensures your steps are both comfortable and protected.

Comfy high heels you can wear all day long


Patented medical orthotics

Our patented medical orthopedic shoes for women provide unparalleled support and comfort, revolutionizing the way you experience high heels.


Designed for comfort

Only 12% of patents are awarded to women in the U.S. and Dr. Najwa Javed is one of them. E'MAR shoes is changing the narrative of how women wear high heels


Your feet will forever thank you!

Every step of the E'MAR process; from the initial dream of our founder Dr. Najwa Javed to the hand craftsmanship by our artisans in Italy, is done with absolute love & a desire to create the perfect comfortable high heels, inside and out.

Patented Medical Orthopedic Shoes For Women
Dr. Najwa Javed a Board Certified Podiatris and the Founder of E'MAR
Handcrafted Heels Made in Italy Shoes | E'MAR

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The perfect heel shoes, I need them all!

Anna H.

I can wear these everyday, super comfortable. Feels like I’m stepping on foam.

P Martin

No pain and I can still look beautiful? Theses high heels are amazing.

Jennifer C.

Absolute perfection!!! You can forget wearing any other heels from now on.

Sassy L.

Not kidding…these are the most comfortable heels I’ve ever worn!

Mackenzie T.

Ahhh! So wonderful to have relaxed feet in heels. It feel like I could go on a hike in them. Fabulous!!

Stephanie B.

I am in love with these shoes! They are incredibly comfortable. I've gotten so many compliments.


Obsessed is an understatement! These are the most comfortable heels I’ve ever worn.

Ariel Kalani

I can't believe these are actually doctor-designed. They are so stylish and comfortable!

Candid Photos of Models Wearing E'MAR the Most Comfortable High Heels for Women

Comfort obsessed

See how our customers enjoy unparalleled comfort and style in E'MAR shoes. Discover their stories and find your perfect pair of high heels.


Our comfort secret

Discover the innovative features that make E'MAR shoes uniquely comfortable and supportive.