Shoe Stretching Spray

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Soften, stretch, and eliminate pinching

Size: 1.0 oz


Place your foot on paper. Please put a mark at the tip of your longest toe and at the back of your heel. Then measure the distance between the two marks.

We recommend that you measure both feet. If the length of your right and left feet differ, please choose a size that matches the longer foot.

Free when you purchase a pair of E'mar heels


Step up your shoe game

Our Shoe Stretching Spray is designed to enhance your shoe-wearing experience by providing remarkable benefits. Here's what you can expect:

  • Superior Softening: Our spray works diligently to soften the material of your shoes, ensuring a gentle touch against your feet.
  • Enhanced Stretching: Say goodbye to tightness and discomfort! The spray effectively stretches your shoes, granting them greater flexibility and a more accommodating fit.
  • Pinching Elimination: No more pesky pinching or pressure points! Our formula targets those problem areas, alleviating any discomfort caused by friction.

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