Generally, our shoes run true to size, but everyone can have a different fitting. Sizing preference depends solely on the individual wearer; however, our team tries on each style to provide general sizing advice on our website. Once you click on a product, you can find “view size guide” on the right side, above the size selector.
The Size guide shows direct conversions from EU sizes to US sizes, it also includes the product measurements for the selected product.
Please note our shoes are not pre-stretched, but the majority of our materials will loosen up over time, we even have a proprietary stretching spray that comes with all purchases.  The spray helps to stretch the shoes based on your preference.  After multiple wears, the materials and orthotic will stretch and form to the shape of the wearer's foot.

 We have put together a general guide to E'MAR sizing, including international conversions and instructions on how to measure your feet. 

This chart is a general recommendation of how our shoes fit.  All shoes are made on a medium-width last.  We recommend measuring from your heel to the longest tip of your toe. Measurements should be taken in centimeters to ensure accuracy.


Place your foot on paper. Please put a mark at the tip of your longest toe and at the back of your heel. Then measure the distance between the two marks.
We recommend that you measure both feet. If the length of your right and left feet differ, please choose a size that matches the longer foot.

Initial Fit

Your shoes are designed to fit comfortably and snug when you first try them on, as they will stretch in width with wear and mold to the shape of your foot. The shoes will stretch across the widest part of your foot as you break them in, but they will not stretch in length. As our shoes are made from high-quality leather, there is a brief break-in period to help the leather soften. To help break in your shoes more quickly, we recommend wearing them around your home with a thick pair of socks for two days. Be sure to try on your shoes at different times of the day to account for any natural changes that may occur. Our shoes also come with a unique stretching spray that will help customize your toe box as needed.

How to tell if your shoe is too small:

  • If the shoe feels extremely tight all the way around, we generally recommend trying the next size up.
  • If the top of your toes feel very cramped, we also recommend the next size up.

How to tell if your shoe is too large:

  • If your heel slips out of the back of the shoe when walking, we recommend going a half size down.

In-between sizes?

Our customer support team are experts on all of our styles. If you have any additional questions, email our support team at 

Heel Heights

All of our heel heights are measured in millimeters. Though the heel height will be listed in inches in each product’s description, here are our most common conversions:

  • 25 mm / 1 inch
  • 50 mm / 2 inches
  • 90 mm / 3.5 inches

Narrow/Wide Widths:

All E'MAR shoes are made on a medium-width last. At this time, we do not have any styles that come in narrow or wide widths, however, all of our shoes come with a unique stretching spray that can customize the toe box to help stretch your preference. Certain styles do tend to work better for different fit needs, so please reach out to customer service for recommendations.


Shake well before using. Spray heavily on the portion of the shoe you want to stretch. Wear shoes after application to stretch to the proper fit. If the shoe is
still tight after the solution dries, repeat until the shoe is comfortable.