The ideal balance between art and science


Elevated Medial Arch Re-balancing

and the result is incredible comfort

This innovative technology, found inside all E’MAR shoes consists of a hidden pressure realigning inlay that rebalances your whole foot as it sits in a high heel.  This added with the biomechanically designed toe box and arch incline allows for maximum stabilization of the foot and ankle when in an elevated position.  The result is unparalleled support along an ultra-thin insole starting from the ball of your foot, through the arch, heel, and lower leg.    

Handcrafted by expert artisans

Our luxury footwear is handcrafted by expert artisans in Italy. Every stroke of the pen, pull of the thread, and construction of the final shoe is infused with a level of detail and care that ensures you have a shoe built to last. 

Based in Le Marche, Italy, a region overlooking rolling valleys and boasting more than 3,000 footwear suppliers, manufacturers, artisans, workshops, and tanneries.

Exceptional Quality, Tailored services


made in Italy and Spain

Elevated style meets medical innovative

The majority of womens' designer shoe lines have narrow toe boxes and minimal to no toe depth which causes blistering and cramping of the toes.  This along with a very steep medial arch incline causes significant ball of foot trauma.  E'MAR was designed with a longer toe box for increased depth and breath of the forefoot. 

Built from the inside out, we’ve done years of research and use patent-pending medical technology designed with unique technical specifications that contour around your foot for the utmost anatomical support. Your feet will thank you with each step--guaranteed! 

Changing the narrative of how woman perceive themselves when they are wearing high heels to ensure they are feeling as good as they look 


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